Porsche 911 S 2.7


911 S 2.7

Gelesen Zahlerstand
78336 Meilen
Farbe Interieur
2687 cc

Handschaltet (5 Geschwindigkeiten)
175 PS


This Porsche 911 2.7 S is in a rare and original condition. The car is accident free and has only 125.500 kilometers on the odometer. The beige artificial leather interior of this Porsche 911 is in original and perfect condition. The car has not been restored and only has been repainted once in its original color; Sienna Brown Metallic. Thanks to the combination with the optional Fuchs wheels, this Porsche looks fantastic.

In addition, this Porsche is equipped with airconditioning, electric windows, electric operated sunroof, Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio and optional fog lights.
The steering is incredibly precise, but not nervous. The atmospheric, air-cooled 2.7-liter six-cylinder boxer in this "S" produces 165 hp. It is a car that you can use as your daily driver during the week and as a sportscar during the weekend.
A 911 is a car like no other and this car is a perfect example of this.


The Porsche 911 was the successor to the immensely popular and very successful 356. The new Porsche was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1964 as the 901, but Peugeot protested against the use of this name because they claimed numerical model names with a '0' in the middle. Porsche replaced the '0' with a '1' and the 911 was born. It started with the 'Ur model' in 1965, which was replaced in 1973 by the G-model. The G-model was improved on many points.

From model year 1976, Porsche started using galvanized steel, which significantly reduced the risk of corrosion. The ventilation was improved by means of two air vents in the center console.
The G model is also the first model to receive the so-called "harmonica bumpers" because of the type approval in the US. The G-model is the longest running model of the 911, in 1989 this model was replaced by its successor, the 964.

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Das Porsche 911 S 2.7

Original unrestored 911 in perfect condition - beautiful combination of exterior and interior color - only 125,000 km.

€ 72.900

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